Article 15 Review (SPOILERS): The Duty Owed By the 1% to the 70%

I already wrote a No Spoilers review, you should read that if you are planning to see this movie. But if you aren’t planning to see it, because you spend your life worrying about social issues and want to take time off when you go to the movies, you can read this review instead and know what all the fuss is about.

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Article 15 Review (No Spoilers): Trying to Make Your Way Through the Swamp

I saw it! To celebrate the 4th of July! And it was quite quite good, in multiple ways. I encourage you to see it if you are a) interested in film narrative techniques or b) interested in confronting social issues. Don’t see it if you are a) interested in love stories or b) spend your entire life dealing with social issues and go to the movies to escape.

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Tubelight Review (SPOILERS): Read This Instead of Seeing the Movie

Not a good movie.  Really really not.  Terrible script, and casting mistakes.  And then a lot of money poured on top which just serves to make the flaws stand out even more.  Like bright lighting on a really really ugly statue.  Anyway, save your money and skip the film, just read this instead!  Which I almost never say, but in this case, yes.  It’s the best thing to do.

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