Anjali Menon, A Woman Who Knows the Vulnerabilities of Men

Yaaaay, the first post on a woman director in honor of women directors week! I really love Anjali Menon and I have lots and lots of thoughts, so hopefully this will be a good start. And I really hope it will achieve my main goal, which is to alert new viewers to the awesomeness of these talented woman.

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Monday Malayalam (on Saturday): Koode Review (SPOILERS), People Needing People to be Make Themselves Whole

I already put up my No Spoilers review.  I’m going to encourage you to read that one if you haven’t seen the film yet.  Not because spoilers would ruin it, but just because this review won’t really make sense without having seen the film.  It’s so much about what is implied instead of what is shown, reading the plot bare bones won’t give a feel for how it is within the film.  Wait until you can see it, and then come back here.

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Monday Malayalam on Saturday: Koode Review (No Spoilers), Broken People Trying to Keep Moving Forward

First movie of the weekend!  It could have come out last weekend, when there was no Hindi movie I planned to see, but nooooooooooooo, it had to come out this weekend, when there are 3 other films to juggle.  Oh well, at least I got to see an Anjali Menon movie in theaters.

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