TGIF: For Mother’s Day, Famous Mothers and Their Kids

I kind of skipped TGIF last week I think. I did the Star Wars post that was basically TGIF, but on Saturday. I’m doing it this week because I am on vacation an TGIF is pretty easy and quick to throw together. But maybe I skip again? I don’t know, when there are comments TGIF is really fun and good, but when there are no comments, the post just kind of lies there.

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Monday Malayalam: Avidathepole Ivideyum, I Am Still in Love With 80s Mohanlal

Oh young Mohanlal!  Why are you so wonderful?  One of my first Malayalam films was Aalkkoottathil Thaniye which is mostly a Mammootty film, but in his two scenes, Mohanlal stole the show for me.  And now with them as equal actors, I am even more convinced that Mohanlal is the one for me.  At least, in the 1980s.  Haven’t made a decision yet for the other eras.

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Thira: Shobhana as an Avenging Goddess is What I Always Wanted and Never Knew It

This was quite the challenge!  I ordered the DVD from India, as part of a huge order, and it just plain didn’t play!  Both in my regional and my all-regional DVD player, so it must be a flaw in the disc itself.  But not to worry! I was able to find it on youtube without subtitles, and separately find a subtitle file I could drop in.

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Innale: A Nice Old Soothing Malayalam Film, That Reminded me of Outlander and Archie Comics

I’ve had such a hectic week at work!  For no real reason.  I do tech support for a small software company, and some weeks all of our users have questions, and some weeks they don’t, and I really can’t predict why!  Anyway, to relax, I decided to check out one of the older Malayalam films that had been recommended to me.

(moviemavengal just watched it as well, check out her review here)

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