Female Films Week: Movies To Start a Discussion about Women’s Issues

I like discussions! And maybe this post will start one, or maybe it will just give you a watching list the next time you want to sit down with your daughter or mother or sister or husband or friends and have a wide-ranging “no right answer” consideration of complex issues related to women.

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Friday Classics: Highway, the Darker Version of Jab Harry Met Sejal

This is a movie so powerful, and so frustrating, that I both can’t bring myself to rewatch it for this review, and don’t need to because I remember it so well. I hope some of you managed to watch it recently so you can join in the comments with your own impressions!

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Happy Jab Harry Met Sejal Week! The Uniqueness of an Imtiaz Ali Romance

I love Imtiaz Ali romances, because he does something really interesting with changing what we think of as “romance”.  I sometimes hate Imtiaz Ali romances because it feels like he gets caught up in what he finds interesting and loses track of the basic definition of romance.  You know, that it usually involves two people, not just one.

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