Learn More Hindi For/From Films!

In case it wasn’t clear on the last post for this, I’m not trying to actually help you learn Hindi that you could use in the real world.  This is strictly the words that will be helpful in adding a slightly higher layer to understanding films you are watching with subtitles, and to help you follow along if the subtitles go wonky.  You will almost never hear most of them in real life.

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Happy Birthday Rani! 39 Reasons I Love You!

Shashi a couple days ago, Rani today (in India, another 10 hours in America)!  Are they related?  I’m sure they are, probably through some obscure marriage somewhere.  If nothing else they are related through Ranbir and Ayan’s friendship, which is as close as a marriage.  Anyway, Happy Birthday Rani!  I couldn’t manage a full 79 reasons to love Shashi, but I can come up with a whole 39 reasons to love you!

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Happy Aamir Week! Ghulam and Dangal: Aamir Uses Strength to Mask Weakness

I totally forgot about Aamir week for Dangal until TJ Stevens reminded me in the comments.  Actually, I was thinking that I would need to start doing something for Salman week, but I guess I can start that after I finish with Aamir.  I’ve still got his massive 3 part birthday post from last year, I can always update that and add in some quick reviews or something, right?  And maybe just let him have the whole last week of the year to himself, to make up for cutting his birthday celebrations short?

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