Valentine’s Week of Sex: Kabhi Kabhi Review 1! The Movie that is All About Sex Without Being About Sex

Happy Kabhi Kabhi day! This is my old review, with one paragraph added, but I think I have to do a second review later today specifically about what sex means in this movie because I think Yashji had a very particular reason for showing different interactions between the 5 couples.

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Starter Kit: Actresses, Part 2, Neetu to Diana Penty

I already put up one random actress post based on the first people I remembered off the top of my head. This time I want to bring together a whole bunch of random smaller actresses that I can cover quickly.  With some fairly random suggestions of films you could watch to get an idea of them, since all their films are kind of the same, one film is as good as another.  This should kind of fill in the background players of the industry, the minor artists who help bring it all together. Continue reading