Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Week of Republic Day?

Happy Monday! Which is also, in America, Martin Luther King day. But I still have to work. Distract me from my misery!

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New Youtube Video! Padmavati Versus Padman, the Effects

Yet another video!  Which I filmed a few days back but didn’t want to overwhelm The Internet with videos, so I held off on posting it.  It’s the video version of this post.

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LOC Kargil: More Patriotic Sentiments!

(Part 1 here)

After a brief break for lunch and recovery from an overdose of patriotism, I continue!  This movie really does have the best heroic lines in it.  I’m not even Indian, and its getting me all caught up in it!

Definitely getting more and more pumped for Airlift, especially since Akshay Kumar is about the only star who did NOT get to play a real life Indian hero in LOC Kargil.  So it’s nice he is getting his chance now!

(Spoiler: The best quote of all is dead silence)

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Run-Up to Republic Day: The Best One-Liners from LOC Kargil

Happy 10 Days before Republic Day!  And 6 Days before Airlift comes out!  To celebrate, I have pulled out my “Vande Mataram” film pack.  I could watch Lakshya and swoon over Hrithik in uniform, or The Legend of Bhagat Singh and swoon over Ajay in a hat, but somehow I am just feeling LOC Kargil!

LOC Kargil covers the “Kargil War” or “Operation Vijay” which lasted from May 3rd of 1999 to July 11.  So, a 10 week war.  The Pakistanis crossed the border in Jammu and Kashmir, India sent troops and pushed them back to the other side.  So, a game of Kabaddi, but with guns and in the mountains.  But I am not here for the incredibly detailed account of the war, I am here for every single hot actor of 2003 taking turns delivering awesome tough guy one liners, while in uniform!

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