Student of the Year 2 Review (SPOILERS): A Surprisingly Good Look at How People Evolve, Tied Up with a Candy-Colored Bow

I am so excited to write this review! This is one of those films that is structured so well, summarizing it is a joy. You shouldn’t read this review if you plan to see the film in theaters, there are some nice little flourishes that are fun to be surprised by. Read this no spoiler review instead. But on the other hand, if you are on the fence, this review might actually reassure you? The plot is more interesting than you think.

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Student of the Year 2 Review (No Spoilers): A Very Good Movie for the Type of Movie It Wants to Be

If this is the kind of movie you like, you will like this movie. It was never going to be great realistic drama, it was always going to be light and fluffy. But if you are capable of enjoying light and fluffy films, this is one of the better ones.

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Best/Worst Student of the Year 2 Song Releases, and Bonus Bharat Song Teaser

I don’t like this song teaser system because I feel like I should put up a thing for us to talk about it, but then I end up saying the same things about the teaser that I want to say about the full song and it is all just confusing. Luckily this time I can tuck the teaser in at the end of a post about an actual song.

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