Happy Birthday Rekhaji!!!

As always, one day before Amitabh.  I’m going to get super lame and cheesy for a second, and make a bad joke: right from the beginning, she’s been chasing after him.  And now, to make up for it, I’m going to try to come up with 12 reasons to love her for her birthday (I briefly considered 62, but then I’d end up reusing a bunch for Amitabh tomorrow).

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Happy Birthday Akki Baby!!! 49 Reasons I love you!!!

49 years old today!  Making him the middle child of the old school 90s stars.  Younger than the Khan “triplets”, but older than Ajay.  Anyway, Akshay is so big, he definitely deserves a full list of reasons, one for every year.  And he is so old, that I am going to have to split those reasons in half!  So, here are the first 24, right after midnight India time.

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Humpty Sharma Will Be Another Franchise: Why is India Embracing Franchises?

The commentator “E” just alerted me this morning that Dharma announced a “sequel” to Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania, called Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya.  Sure enough, when I pulled up my twitter, I saw that Karan had just tweeted the image above.  Which looks like a sequel image, but rumor has it that it may be a franchise instead, a completely different story with different characters, but the same cast and tone.  Like the Khiladi films, or Murder, or Aashiqui.  Speaking of Aashiqui, a little insulting for Karan to be promoting this as India’s first love franchise, right?

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This Guy!!!

So, if you have watched your fair number of 90s Hindi films, you immediately went “Yes!  That guy!” as soon as you saw the picture up there.  He’s one of those people that wanders in and out of films, playing the guy who is like-the-hero-but-not-as-good.  Friend, rival, enemy, brother, what have you.  In, like, Everything!!!

He played Sanjay’s best friend and side-kick in Sadak:

(It is a special challenge as a side-kick to make Sanjay look like a good dancer)

A year later, he was in Khiladi, supporting Akshay:

(Shirtless Akshay presents different challenges.  Like, being visible on the screen when he is blinding us with his hotness)

The same year, he was Aamir’s rival in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander

(ooo, they are so evil!)

In 1994, he twice bested Shahrukh in a romantic challenge, in both Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa and Anjaam:

(I love this movie, and I really love this song.  I don’t care that it makes no sense on any level.  Also, did you know this actress married Shekhar Kapur, director of Mr. India and the Cate Blanchette Elizabeth movies?)

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