TGIF: Rangoon Inspired Post, Men in Uniform!

I’m with holding judgement on Rangoon as a whole, but I am whole-heartedly behind Shahid Kapoor in a WWII uniform!  We already got a hint of Shahid in uniform in Mausam, but not nearly enough.  And not enough of men in uniform in general.  More uniformed heroes!  That’s what I say.

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What do Akshay Kumar and Jimmy Stewart have in Common? (warning! Boring accounting info below! Although there is a little Shahrukh right at the end)

Akshay Kumar and Jimmy Stewart actually have a lot in common!  Reliable hard-working long-term popular movie stars who managed to combine a variety of crowd-pleasing roles with some solid acting turns.  But what I am talking about today is just economics.

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Aamir Update: He agrees with me! And Akshay does not

I caught the beginning of this news story, but somehow missed the middle, and am now coming in at the end.  As I previously posted, Aamir said something in an interview about being concerned about the news stories in India, and his wife being worried for his safety and the safety of their child (this was after Shahrukh had mentioned “growing intolerance” in his birthday interview, which was the remark that lead to protests for Dilwale.  Which could be a whole other post, about how the Khans are always connected, even when they don’t want to be, and a remark by one will always force a response from the others).

Anyway, protests, FIR filed against him, etc. etc.  And then it blew up again last week in an interesting way, which I apparently missed!

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Airlift Full Summary in Detail! Spoilers All Around

I saw Airlift last night in a packed theater, and it was actually good!  But very real and sad and scary.  And it’s not playing in that many theaters globally.  So, if you can’t find a showtime near you, or if you are too scared to see it (if I’d known what it was like, I would have been!), or if you would just rather read about it than kill 2 hours in a theater, Read On!

(I won’t be able to finish it all in one post, but check back over the next few days, I should have the other bits up soon.  Update: part 1 here, part 3 here, bullet points here, and review here)

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Airlift Review (No Spoilers): It Goes from Point A to Point B and Nowhere Else

So, I just saw Airlift!  In a sold out theater in which I and my friend were the only non-desis (pardesis?).  The Indian flag got spontaneous applause.  It was very patriotic.

The movie itself, weirdly, not that patriotic.  And like no other Indian movie I have ever seen.

Read on to learn more!

(For spoilers go here)

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This Guy!!!

So, if you have watched your fair number of 90s Hindi films, you immediately went “Yes!  That guy!” as soon as you saw the picture up there.  He’s one of those people that wanders in and out of films, playing the guy who is like-the-hero-but-not-as-good.  Friend, rival, enemy, brother, what have you.  In, like, Everything!!!

He played Sanjay’s best friend and side-kick in Sadak:

(It is a special challenge as a side-kick to make Sanjay look like a good dancer)

A year later, he was in Khiladi, supporting Akshay:

(Shirtless Akshay presents different challenges.  Like, being visible on the screen when he is blinding us with his hotness)

The same year, he was Aamir’s rival in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander

(ooo, they are so evil!)

In 1994, he twice bested Shahrukh in a romantic challenge, in both Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa and Anjaam:

(I love this movie, and I really love this song.  I don’t care that it makes no sense on any level.  Also, did you know this actress married Shekhar Kapur, director of Mr. India and the Cate Blanchette Elizabeth movies?)

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