Hindi Film 101: Media from Prithviraj Kapoor to Shahrukh Khan, Newspapers to Websites

Sonam’s wedding is the perfect opportunity to discuss the changes of old media and new media and blah blah blah to how the Hindi film industry operates!  And, hopefully, how it will start operating in a new way.  I’ll get to Sonam in the next bit, but first I have to back up and deal with celebrity culture in general, and how the media works with it.

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Classics Friday: Mughal-E-Azam, Hindi Films Biggest Film

Thanks to it suddenly popping up on Netflix (my Netflix list post is now woefully out of date, look for an update soon), I decided to rewatch Mughal-E-Azam.  And it’s SO SO SO SO much better than I realized when I watched it before.

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Hindi Film 101: A New Series! Starting with the Kapoors, Prithviraj and Shammi and Shashi

I have had so much fun in the past few weeks talking with Ryan C in the comments.  He is new(ish) to Indian film and is asking me all sorts of wonderful questions, and giving me delightfully enthusiastic responses, and it made me think about how maybe I should do more posts sort of aimed at that level.  Ideally, you can get that from My Book (really, read it!  It’s super short and fast and once you are done, you will know everything you need to understand the movies), but now I am thinking maybe I should try something like that on the blog as well?

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