Middle-Aged Romances You Can Watch Right Now Instead of Waiting for Shahrukh to Make One

I know we all want Shahrukh to make an age appropriate romance, but there are already age appropriate romances out there! We don’t have to wait!

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Happy Mother’s Day Weekend! Mother Films Outside of the Norm

Happy Day Before Mother’s Day! I was going to write a fanfic of mother stories for tomorrow that aren’t the usual ones, and then I realized a lot of them had already been in films and I had just forgotten. So let’s celebrate those unusual mothers!

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Happy Birthday Dimple! A Day Early in America, But Right On Time in India!

Happy Birthday Dimple!  I cannot BELIEVE you are almost 60!  You are still the most elegant, the classiest, the coolest lady in Hindi film.  Here are 15 reasons I love you, one for every year you were alive when Bobby came out and made you a superstar.

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