Hindi Film 101: Aamir Khan Filmography, Part 1

I did this for Shahrukh already, and I found it fascinating!  To look at the broad sweep of a 25+ career and see where were the low periods and the high periods and the genre experiments and everything, and also where the industry was going in each era, the changes in the production houses and directors and co-stars, and all kinds of juicy things.  Aamir seems like he should be similarly fascinating.  Plus, thanks to his perfectionist style, far fewer films!  I should be able to knock this out in two parts.  Three at the most

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Happy Birthday Juhi Chawla!!!! A Dozen Reasons I Love You!!!

I feel bad only giving her a dozen, but on the other hand I am also taking time from visiting my sister to write this post, and using my sister’s stupid mac computer to do it (the mouse only has one button!  What is this MADNESS!), so that should count for something.  Oh well, next year I will give her 2 dozen reasons to make up for it.

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