Random non-Hindi One-Off: Enough About The Godfather So We Can Better Appreciate Sarkar, Raajneeti, Chekka Chivantha Vaanam and All the Other Remakes

Well, this is awkward.  I have almost no qualifications to write this post.  But on the other hand, I started writing about Sarkar and realized half that post was just a discussion of the film that RGV used as a jumping off point.  And I already dumped paragraphs and paragraphs on it before I could start talking about Raajneeti.  And I can feel the same thing coming with Chekka Chivantha Vaanam.  So, I guess I have to do this.  Write a post just so I have something I can refer back to in all those other posts rather than starting from scratch each time.  Even though I am far from the best person to write about this film.

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Friday Classics: Raajneeti, I Cared Too Much About Some Characters and Too Little About Others

An experiment!  We all watched the same movie, and now I have to review it.  Which is A LOT of pressure on me, since for once you have all seen the movie as recently as me and probably understood it better.  Oh well, you can think of this as a starting point for a discussion, not the end.

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Movie Club Films! Plan Your Watching Around My Reviews

Okay, I’m gonna try something new.  I’m going to tell you in advance what reviews I am going to post, so you can watch the movies and be ready with brilliant thoughts to post on the review and join in the discussion.  Actually I am going to try 3 new things and see which works best, three different kinds of reviews that I will warn you about in advance.

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