Silly Sunday: Love Stories By way of 1930s Hollywood (Including a Divorce Romance for Shahrukh and Juhi!)

I left work early on Friday and just came home and spent the weekend watching TCM. So many fun obscure movies that we could remake!

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Sunday ReRun: Mubarakan! A Big Fun Stupid Movie With a Mostly Great Cast

Are you all mad at me for making you watch this dumb dumb movie? Or are you grateful that I challenged you to watch a super entertaining movie? Or did you all ignore this film and no one will read the review?

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Happy Birthday Naseeruddin Shah!!!!

It’s Naseerji’s birthday!  How wonderful!  His career is so long and so impressive, I don’t think I can possibly hope to do justice to it in one post.  So I am going to do the best I can and if I miss something, just mention it in the comments and maybe I will put it in for next years post!  Anyway, here are 26 reasons for now, for the age he was in his first movie.

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