My Grandpa Reviews Jodha-Akbar, Ghajini, Tara Zameen Par, Talaash, Wake Up Sid, and Jab Tak Hain Jaan

Today is my Grandpa’s birthday, last year I did a whole survey of his life, so this year I want to do something a little different.  I control my Grandpa’s Netflix list, which means sometimes I sneak in Indian movies.  Grandpa loves movies and has very clear and firm opinions on them, which he types up and shares with the rest of the family.  He just sent his thoughts on Ghajini, which inspired me to track down a few other reviews to share with you all.

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Happy 96th Birthday Grandpa!!!

Grandpa turns 96 today!  We are celebrating with a small dinner at a nice restaurant with just the 4 of us (Mom, Dad, me, and Grandpa).  We had a whole big family thing last year for 95, but this year we get to be more lowkey.  However, I do feel like I should do SOMETHING, and so I am getting him this lovely blog post.  That he will probably not read.  But oh well, I know it’s there.

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