Hindi Film 101: Tubelight Themed AND Nehru-Gandhi Family Part 2!

Isn’t this fortuitous?  I didn’t plan it at all, but I think I am going to get up to the Sino-Indian war in my regularly scheduled Nehru-Gandhi post today, which makes it also Tubelight themed!  Yay! (part 1 of Nehru-Gandhi here)

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Hindi Film 101: The Nehru-Gandhi Family, The 1st Generation and the Young Jawaharlal

Well, this is one I’ve been avoiding!  Because I know feelings run high on it.  And I know that, as a non-Indian, I have no right to talk about another country’s politics.  So I am not going to talk about politics, I am going to give as impartial a perspective as I can on the progression from Motilal to Jawaharlal to Indira to Rajiv to Sonia to Rahul.  Because as I discovered yesterday when looking at the posters for upcoming films, we are about to have a spate of Indira-era period pieces, and to understand them, you really need to know about not just Indira, but what came before and after.

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Two New Trailers! One Looking To the Future, One to the Past

If I were Aamir Khan, I don’t know if I would have released a trailer for another movie today.  On the one hand, it gave a little extra buzz around the name “Aamir Khan”, so that’s good for the Dangal release.  But on the other hand, the buzz isn’t about Dangal, it is about something else.  A risk!  Oh, and also a trailer for Gurinder Chadha’s Viceroy House.  That’s the one that’s looking to the past, Aamir’s trailer is super cool and modern.

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