In Honor of Bhanu Athaiya, Her Most Iconic Designs Through the Decades

I am a bit late to this, Bhanu Athiaya died a couple days ago. But it took me some time to figure out how I wanted to write about her. As a craftswoman, behind the scenes, it didn’t feel right to talk about her personal life. But I decided I could focus on her designs instead and that would be appropriate.

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Sadhanaji! Obituary

I though about not posting this today, because it is Christmas, but then I thought a little more, and I realized it isn’t really a sad post at all. Sadhana passed away yesterday, which I learned through Aamir Khan’s twitter.  I have no idea how he found out.  Spies at the hospital?

Anyway, Sadhana sounds like a nice lady who had a pretty nice life, and then died.  Which is a pretty nice epitaph!

(If you feel the need to honor her by watching one of her films, I highly recommend Waqt.  It is very cheerful and Christmas appropriate, lots of family values.)

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