FanVid Post! To Feed Our Shahrukh Urges

You probably haven’t noticed, but I am trying to be an “adult”, and do straight adult analysis and stuff lately, no fun TGIF, less sexy FanFic, and so on.  And it’s HARD.  I don’t like it!  So my girly fan stuff is bursting out of me, and I have to do an all SRK fanvid post!

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Silly Sunday Speculative Post: Jab Tak Hain Jaan, I fixed it!

I was hoping I could do this on Yash’s birthday or half birthday or something, like I did for Karan, but there’s no special occasion I could find, and I had this post idea poking around in my head, so heck, I’m just going for it.

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Happy Pride! My Annual Slashfic celebration

Happy Pride!  For once I am NOT in charge of the service at my church, which is around the corner from the parade (our kids have a lemonade stand out front, we rake in the money), so I do not have to go down to the loud crowded hot unpleasant parade area.  Instead I get to celebrate by reposting the same fanvid post I put up last year.  Thank you slashfic fanvid makers!  You are just the best people, and on Pride Sunday, I salute you!

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25 of My Best SRK Memories for 25 Years of SRK

Kepzandme alerted me to it being SRK’s 25th anniversary in films today, 25 years since Deewana came out.  I am sure everyone in the world is doing 25 songs, 25 scenes, 25 films, kind of posts.  I’m not going to bother trying to add to that.  Instead, I will do something only I can do, and put in my personal 25 best memories, in no particular order.

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AbRam! So much SRK coverage today!

I mean, there’s always a lot of SRK coverage.  Supposedly, Neha Dhupia said in an interview “Only sex and SRK sell”, a quote which instantly became an aphorism.  And with the way her career is going, she is probably going to be more famous for that quote than anything else.  And thereby prove her point, because it’s the closest she’s ever come to being associated with SRK.

Anyway, on any random day if you turn to Times of India, they will have some kind of SRK slide-show or news story or something, because they know we will click on it.  This habit reached it’s nadir/zenith when this article was briefly their top online headline.  It works, of course, I not only clicked on that article but discussed it in depth with multiple people, and checked the site obsessively for any follow-up information they might have.

But with a movie coming out, there is this cycle (sycle?) where Shahrukh is giving greater access than usual, which means more to report, and because there is more reporting, people are thinking about him more and more, and are more likely to click on even old stories if they are posted on a homepage.

Which lead to this, an epic 37 page slide-show combining every single slide-show ToI has ever done on AbRam into one, leading off with the recent quotes about him courtesy of the Dilwale publicity express.